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About HomeScents

We are here to serve your home fragrance needs and wants, in the easiest way possible by offering a monthly subscription service. A delivery the first week of every month with the most luxurious home fragrance products you could ever imagine blessing your home. Each month you will receive completely new scents! Carefully selected to exceed our home fragrance lovers’ expectations. Our monthly scent surprises will allow you to broaden your scent pallet and grow your love for home fragrance even more. Sit back, relax and allow us to treat you.
Beautifully Crafted
Who & what are we?
A box full of luxury scent surprises we know you are going to love. But here is the best part, HomeScents have teamed up with the best local businesses around! We have Savannah Bay bringing your wax melts, WHAX delivering room, pillow and linen sprays, Bringing your hand poured range of candles, isyours truly, HomeScents.

Why shop local?
I know from experience that filling my home with locally hand poured scented products is so heart-warming! It's about time we let our local businesses know that we are here to support. Our chosen brands work extremely hard daily to produce the most luxurious products that will more than exceed our expectations. Our local brands create each product with so much love and passion, keeping up with creativity to keep us wanting more! Each product always reflecting the time of year and the chosen theme for that month.

What can I expect?
With HomeScents you can expect brand-new luxury scents to fill your beautiful home monthly! Keeping you topped up with all the luxurious home fragrance products on the market. We keep up with trends, likes and dislikes, ensuring we always deliver the best service. With HomeScents you are also able to interact with us via our social media platforms, gaining you access to choose a sneak preview each month! And to keep up with all the latest announcements. But most of all you can expect to have all your scent cravings and pleasures fulfilled every single month with HomeScents.

You know it makes Scents.
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