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HomeScents - Edition One Wednesday 10th March 2021 HomeScents Vision Hi Guys!

Amy here the founder of HomeScents. I thought it would be nice to talk about what we represent, why we began our journey and the vision we hold for HomeScents. September 2020 was where it all began, after many years of shopping for the perfect luxurious home fragrance products and never being fully satisfied with quality or price. The time and money being wasted monthly on a reed diffuser that had no real scent, a candle that left residue around the jar resulting in so much waste, a room spray that was weak in scent and could not be smelt seconds after the spray. I was so tired as a consumer of never being able to find those ‘Go To’ home fragrance products. This was where the light bulb moment occurred and I took It upon myself to find all the right products are bring them to one place, luxury home fragrance subscription boxes!

The idea was to bring a monthly subscription box that would solve the problems being faced on a regular occurrence. No more wasting money on products that wouldn't perform as well as hoped, no more hunting the shelves for a candle that would burn evenly with a strong scent throughout, no more hunting... the products are coming to you! Our subscription box is hassle free and the best part? we provide NEW SCENTS every month!

Alongside wanting to provide quality and luxury, we wanted people to really use this opportunity to explore their scent pallet. Many people are too worried about stepping outside their comfort zones when using scents in their home. This to us was such a shame and we really wanted to use our boxes as a way for people to explore the gorgeous variety of scents available. This was always in the front our minds when choosing our suppliers, we made sure that we were not only happy with the quality and standard, but with the range of scents on offer.

Which brings me on to our journey so far with our idea now in existence, as we bring you this blog in month 4 of our journey. HomeScents is a successful monthly subscription box that provides luxury home fragrance products, the first week of each month. We provide customers with completely new scents each month using products such as, candles, wax melts, pillow mist and room sprays. The products have been so successful with our customers and the feedback even better than we could have hoped for. The reviews on the products have exceeded expectations, our soy wax candle proving to be a hit each month leaving our customers excited for their monthly delivery. Customers that were ‘plain vanilla’ our now loving the most extravagant scents in the market! Month to month we choose different themes for our boxes, our most successful so far being ‘Relax and unwind’, this box focus on all things self-care and proved to be the ultimate MUST HAVE products for some ‘me time’. Each theme is carefully chosen, from product design all the way to scents, everything we do reflects the chosen monthly theme and what we think would be the perfect scent for the time of year.

We have a record of selling out of our products, we grow our subscriber’s data base monthly and have landed successful partnerships with local companies such as the creditable ‘Warrens Removals’, providing personalised Homescents gifts. We have a huge journey ahead with so many exciting things on the horizon. We hope you come along for the ride....

Thank you for reading about our story so far, I type with confidence, we are just scratching the surface with what we plan on providing here at HomeScents.
With Love
Amy, HomeScents xo
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