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Spring Clean
Candle - Citrus and Amber
Opening with citrus and fruity hints, revealing an expressive heart of intoxicating patchouli rounded by delicate floral nuances. The lingering base of vetiver, amber and woods smoothed by a skin like musk accord.

Linen spray - Fresh Cotton

Create the familiar feeling of clean comfort and make your home feel even cosier with our fresh Cotton Home & Linen Mist. Can be used as a room spray or a linen spray. Clean and Comforting, its' scent works beautifully to create positive energy. Also ideal for spritzing around to lift a more confined space.

Snap bar - Spring Awake
Just like a fresh morning in April. Fruity, green, with hints of eucalyptus, on a solid jasmine and rose core. The fragrance eventually settles to a vanilla and woody musk underpinning.

This scent is similar in style & identity to Mrs Hinch Fabric Softener. A truly beautiful fragrance. A rose by another name, fresh, cooling petals develop into a powerful rose and iris centre, with white woods and gentle musks following up. Truly exceptional!
Spring Clean
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